Healthcare Professionals Need to Be Trained in Human Trafficking

[IMPORTANT READ] Trading on innocence
Human sex trafficking a real-life horror story for country’s youth

Many people think sex trafficking happens only in third-world countries, but it’s also pervasive in the U.S. Nurses are in a prime position to identify possible victims of sex trafficking when they seek medical treatment in the ED, free clinics, physician offices and other locations. But too often those opportunities are missed.

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Education and Cancer: What are Your Rights?


September heralds a time of going back to school, shopping for school supplies, and excitement of seeing friends after the summer holidays.  But, for some children and parents, the fall brings additional questions.  Many children across the country are going through cancer treatments while in school – a situation that raises questions about how to balance school work and medical needs.  Thankfully, a number of laws, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), provide students with the right to receive accommodations and necessary special education.

The Cancer Legal Resource Center offers webinars and trainings regarding the legal rights of students with cancer.  This educational opportunity is provided by a long-time volunteer of the CLRC and made possible by a grant from the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Foundation, 2012 Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant.

For additional information about the rights for students with cancer check out valuable information from the American Cancer Society.


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Heartfelt “Thank You” & Holiday Blessings to You on Behalf of the LiveSTRONG Foundation


Dear Friends and Family,

As the holiday season gains momentum, I wanted to take the time to say, “Thank you.” It is only because of you, the friends and family of the Foundation, that we can continue our work each and every day. And as the end of the year approaches, we’re reflecting on our accomplishments and looking forward to the opportunities the New Year will bring.

Our CEO, Doug Ulman, has recorded a special message I would like to share with you:


And I would also like to share a message from our Chief Financial Officer, Greg Lee:

While we’ve seen our share of cloudy skies in 2012, our team of partners, volunteers, supporters, and staff have continually placed the needs of the cancer community above all else.  As a result, this was a year of amazing accomplishments.

A Few of Our 2012 Program Highlights:

·         Our Navigation Services Team saved constituents more than $4.5 million in health care and medical costs

·         We distributed 43,017 LIVESTRONG Guidebooks to cancer patients, friends, family, and caregivers along with 142,809 Living after Cancer brochures

·         Impacted 184,420 students and teachers with the LIVESTRONG at School Program

·         Trained 47,763 Healthcare Professionals on Current Cancer practices and trends

·         Added 831,412 new grassroots supporters to the movement; advocates who assist in heightening awareness, and engage in public policy matters impacting the cancer community

A Special Thanks
Our Core Values begin with the statement, “We change the way the world fights cancer.” This is followed by, “We know that we can’t do it alone.”  Our work, our reach, and our impact are only possible because of the great team we have standing alongside us in the fight against cancer.

Thank you to our corporate partners, our more than 140,000 donors, 35,000 purchasers of LIVESTRONG merchandise, 12,750 Team LIVESTRONG participants, our LIVESTRONG Leaders, the LIVESTRONG Board of Directors, Foundation managers and staff, and thank you to Lance Armstrong for the vision and drive to create a foundation that has forever changed the way the world fights cancer.

Our Focus Going Forward 
As we close the books on 2012 and begin the New Year, we remain focused on the highest priorities: advancing patient-centered care, forming and engaging communities, growing and leveraging the LIVESTRONG brand, and ensuring long-term programmatic, financial and operational sustainability.

We are truly fortunate to be where we are; with a world full of opportunity right ahead, with a team of volunteers, supporters, and staff ready to act, and a cancer community that needs our vital help. We are refreshed, focused, and ready to go to work.

Thank you for your continued support.  You are helping to positively impact the lives of so many people facing a cancer diagnosis.

Best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year.


And if you’re ready now to start planning out your goals for the new year… check out the LiveSTRONG blog on goal-setting!