NINR’s Pediatric Palliative Care Available to Patients and Families

The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) recently launched a new public health awareness campaign—Palliative Care: Conversations Matter—with the goal of increasing understanding of the use of palliative care (comprehensive treatment of the discomfort, symptoms, and stress of serious illness) for children with serious illness.

Support, in all forms, can have an incredibly positive impact on patients as they are dealing with their disease symptoms, but often there is hesitation in recommending palliative care for children.

“Initiating palliative care conversations is often hard for both providers and families, especially in the pediatric setting,” said Dr. Patricia A. Grady, NINR director. “While it may not be an easy conversation, recommending palliative care to patients and families early can improve patient experiences with care. We hope this campaign and its resources will help ensure that palliative care is considered for every child and family navigating a serious illness.”

Through evidence-based research, NINR brought together patients, providers, and families to analyze expectations and changing needs. The Palliative Care: Conversations Matter campaign resources include:

  • Informational video vignettes, which offer advice to providers about how to start palliative care discussions with patients and family members and features a mother’s perspective on palliative care after her daughter’s difficult diagnosis. 
  • Customizable tear-off pads of patient education sheets in English and Spanish, which encourage providers to have discussions with patients and their families by providing answers to common questions about palliative care and resources to support conversations. 

To learn more about the Palliative Care: Conversations Matter campaign or to download or order campaign materials, visit the NINR website or call 301-496-0207.



If We Could Look Inside Other People’s Hearts

My host hospital showed us this video  from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio today… If you haven’t seen it, please take four minutes to watch. 

It’s a brilliant reminder that, on a daily basis, people lives shift and change as do their joys and burdens.  Whenever we encounter another, we see them through the lens of what is happening in our lives, through our “bubble.”  What if we took into account what other people are struggling with, or moving through?  As nursing students, I think that many of us are drawn to nursing because of our deep care and concern for what others are going through and how their life events impact physical and emotional health, but I thought that this video really drove that point home. 

I hope that you will watch and consider how much influence our care, ability to listen, to communicate therapeutically, and our empathy impact our patients, their families, our coworkers and our own perception of life. 

Be well.


“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

Henry David Thoreau


Heartfelt “Thank You” & Holiday Blessings to You on Behalf of the LiveSTRONG Foundation


Dear Friends and Family,

As the holiday season gains momentum, I wanted to take the time to say, “Thank you.” It is only because of you, the friends and family of the Foundation, that we can continue our work each and every day. And as the end of the year approaches, we’re reflecting on our accomplishments and looking forward to the opportunities the New Year will bring.

Our CEO, Doug Ulman, has recorded a special message I would like to share with you:


And I would also like to share a message from our Chief Financial Officer, Greg Lee:

While we’ve seen our share of cloudy skies in 2012, our team of partners, volunteers, supporters, and staff have continually placed the needs of the cancer community above all else.  As a result, this was a year of amazing accomplishments.

A Few of Our 2012 Program Highlights:

·         Our Navigation Services Team saved constituents more than $4.5 million in health care and medical costs

·         We distributed 43,017 LIVESTRONG Guidebooks to cancer patients, friends, family, and caregivers along with 142,809 Living after Cancer brochures

·         Impacted 184,420 students and teachers with the LIVESTRONG at School Program

·         Trained 47,763 Healthcare Professionals on Current Cancer practices and trends

·         Added 831,412 new grassroots supporters to the movement; advocates who assist in heightening awareness, and engage in public policy matters impacting the cancer community

A Special Thanks
Our Core Values begin with the statement, “We change the way the world fights cancer.” This is followed by, “We know that we can’t do it alone.”  Our work, our reach, and our impact are only possible because of the great team we have standing alongside us in the fight against cancer.

Thank you to our corporate partners, our more than 140,000 donors, 35,000 purchasers of LIVESTRONG merchandise, 12,750 Team LIVESTRONG participants, our LIVESTRONG Leaders, the LIVESTRONG Board of Directors, Foundation managers and staff, and thank you to Lance Armstrong for the vision and drive to create a foundation that has forever changed the way the world fights cancer.

Our Focus Going Forward 
As we close the books on 2012 and begin the New Year, we remain focused on the highest priorities: advancing patient-centered care, forming and engaging communities, growing and leveraging the LIVESTRONG brand, and ensuring long-term programmatic, financial and operational sustainability.

We are truly fortunate to be where we are; with a world full of opportunity right ahead, with a team of volunteers, supporters, and staff ready to act, and a cancer community that needs our vital help. We are refreshed, focused, and ready to go to work.

Thank you for your continued support.  You are helping to positively impact the lives of so many people facing a cancer diagnosis.

Best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year.


And if you’re ready now to start planning out your goals for the new year… check out the LiveSTRONG blog on goal-setting!