[LEGISLATIVE ACTION] APRNs & Durable Medical Equipment

ImageWe did it once, but now we need to make it permanent. Last year, we celebrated postponing the enforcement of the required physician’s signature for APRNs to order durable medical equipment (DME).

Here’s the catch.

It was a postponement without a firm date. So, at some point in 2014, APRNs will no longer be able to order DME without a physician’s signature. The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services delay was a step in the right direction, but now we need a new plan.

That’s where H.R. 3833 comes in.

Congressman  (D-WA) just introduced legislation to eliminate the physician required signature for ordering DME. His bill would remedy the current DME face-to-face requirement and allow providers, such as APRNs, to document that the face-to-face encounter was completed.

Your member of Congress needs to hear from you. Contact your Representative now and urge them to co-sponsor this legislation and allow APRNs to do their job!