New Semester, New Rotation Venue & Excitement vs. Nervousness

Student NurseOn a physiological level, excitement and nervousness act very similarly in the body.  Starting clinical rotation in a new venue with a new instruction and a different group of students produces both…

Our car-poolers were no different than I was heading up to the medical center.  Were we going to find our way there?  How were we going to navigate the car park, the supply rooms, the med-surg floor?

Fortunately, we were met with a great deal of help and support.  There was less nail-biting once we met our preceptor, our guide-nurse and received our fancy student badges.  (Huzzah!)  We were reassured that we were not in it alone, that we would encourage each other and come to rely on the strengths and support of our cohorts who will, inevitably, become some of our closest allies this semester…

It is an exciting semester that we begin.  Fresh.  Newbies.  Probies.  Attending to the needs of our clients and delving into unexplored areas of learning.  It is a challenge and an opportunity and reframing our nervousness as excitement is the first step to walking confidently into a patient’s room and being the support that our clients need us to be