NINR’s Pediatric Palliative Care Available to Patients and Families

The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) recently launched a new public health awareness campaign—Palliative Care: Conversations Matter—with the goal of increasing understanding of the use of palliative care (comprehensive treatment of the discomfort, symptoms, and stress of serious illness) for children with serious illness.

Support, in all forms, can have an incredibly positive impact on patients as they are dealing with their disease symptoms, but often there is hesitation in recommending palliative care for children.

“Initiating palliative care conversations is often hard for both providers and families, especially in the pediatric setting,” said Dr. Patricia A. Grady, NINR director. “While it may not be an easy conversation, recommending palliative care to patients and families early can improve patient experiences with care. We hope this campaign and its resources will help ensure that palliative care is considered for every child and family navigating a serious illness.”

Through evidence-based research, NINR brought together patients, providers, and families to analyze expectations and changing needs. The Palliative Care: Conversations Matter campaign resources include:

  • Informational video vignettes, which offer advice to providers about how to start palliative care discussions with patients and family members and features a mother’s perspective on palliative care after her daughter’s difficult diagnosis. 
  • Customizable tear-off pads of patient education sheets in English and Spanish, which encourage providers to have discussions with patients and their families by providing answers to common questions about palliative care and resources to support conversations. 

To learn more about the Palliative Care: Conversations Matter campaign or to download or order campaign materials, visit the NINR website or call 301-496-0207.